Saturday, January 12, 2008

Borrowed Light: Today in Blogworld 01/12

Ray Ortlund Jr. reminds us that The Cross is the Attraction. He offers us a 7 question sample of Dohnavur's missionary tests. He then sums it up with an excellent quote by Amy Carmichael: "Do not come unless you can say to your Lord and to us, The Cross is the attraction."

I'm not sure to hat tip here, Chris Gensheer found this quote on Ortlund's blog. (So, HT: Gensheer and Ortlund) An excellent, heart-wrenching, convicting, repentance drawing quote by A.W. Tozer: “Pseudo faith always arranges a way out to serve in case God fails it. Real faith knows only one way and gladly allows itself to be stripped of any second way or makeshift substitutes. For true faith, it is either God or total collapse. And not since Adam first stood up on the earth has God failed a single man or woman who trusted him.”

Challies continues posting on Inerrancy. Today he asks, "What Does Inerrancy Mean?"

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