Thursday, January 10, 2008

Borrowed Light: Today in Blogworld 01/11

This would be more appropriately titled, "What I missed in the last couple of days in Blogworld". But that's long. And compared to seeing our first child born, I missed nothing! Thanks to everyone for all of their prayers and support!

One of my favorite genres (at least I think it's a genre) is Biography. Michael Haykin gives us his Top 9 Biographies. To my dismay I have read only one! (HT: JT)

Challies, even while busy on his blog tour, gives us an answer to the question of whether or not there are errors in the Bible. If you want to follow Challies blog tour you can check out Day 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Jonathan Leeman is blogging through Bill Hybel's REVEAL. In what looks to be a 6 part series Leeman has already posted Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4. I particularly like the Excursus listed as #3; in that post he asks, "do externals count for anything"? You are also encouraged to check out Greg Hawkin's response to Willow Creek's "repentance".

John Piper has made a statement that is gripping me: "Sometimes the best mark of holiness is not griping that sin abounds but groaning and grieving. " See the context here. The staff at DG has also posted a very helpful Favorite 2007 Reading list.

Founders points us to John Owen's comments on pastoral fervency. Owen admonishes pastors to consider the importance of these 3 things: (1.) Zeal for the glory of God in Christ; (2.) Real compassion for the souls of men; (3.) An especial conscientious regard unto our duty and office, with respect unto its nature, trust, end, and reward.

Thabiti posts his 2008 Evangelism Reading List. I was a little sad that Will Metzger's Tell the Truth was not on the list, but it's a great list and he will be blessed in his 2008 reading.

More controversy from Mars Hill. Steve Camp weighs in on Mars Hill's New Year's Bash--complete with a champagne bar. As Frank Turk began discussing the issue, as always it turned towards the issue of total abstinence (See also, here). Today, Phil Johnson attempts to recenter the discussion on whether or not it is acceptable to turn the church into a discotheque.

Michael Horton has written a great article on Christless Christianity.

There has been quite a bit I have missed, but this has been a decent summary. I will hopefully get back to normal posting next week. I hope to catch up on the McCheyne Reading Plan, and at some point I hope to write an article on this whole "alcohol issue".

Josh Harris gives us the New Attitude promo. I would love to attend this event in May:

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