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McCheyne Reading Plan: Catching up on Genesis

Disclaimer: In posting these thoughts, questions, and ramblings I feel it wise to give a disclaimer. There are many people that are far more knowledgeable and gifted in expositing the Word of God than I. These thoughts are not intended to be in-depth analysis of the text. They are thoughts. They are questions. They are ramblings. It will be a display of what God is teaching me through His Word. In depth study will be done at a different time. It is also good to know the author's goal. 1) To be accountable in reading through Scripture. 2) To share these thoughts with others. Possibly for someone else's edification; possibly for my own. 3) To glorify God through His Word. 4) To spur one another on in taking up Scripture and reading! So without further ado, here are today's readings:

Genesis 12:

"Go to a land I will show you". How often is it that God calls us to do things with only a few details. Truly, the only detail that we should need is this: "Follow me".

Is this the first time that Abram has "called upon the name of the Lord"?

What would Abram's calling Sarai his sister entail? Would they take her captive? Would they seduce her? Is her being "taken into Pharaoh's house" a not so subtle way of saying that he "made her his"? It seems that since he "took her for [his] wife" that this is exactly what happened. This is horrible that Abram out of fear would let his own wife be given to Pharaoh. Meanwhile he gets all of these gifts. Horrible. I am sure that the culture was much different then, but still. So, this makes me wonder...have I ever dealt in such a horrible way to my wife? Have I ever been so selfish or afraid of man that I honored them or my own security over her? Never to this extent, but I am sure I have. Lord, forgive me of this and make my heart more faithful to my wife.

Genesis 13:

Now that we are told of Abram's great wealth it helps us to see even more the depth of his "sacrifice" in leaving his country.

This "town isn't big enough for both of us"...literally in the case of Abram and Lot.

I am sure there is some significance (dare I say allegorical) in the separation of Lot and Abram.

Verse 14-15. I'm really glad that God doesn't give such a promise to me when I have my contacts out or glasses off; I would be trapped in a small space. I know it is only metaphor but it is amazing how many people in Abram's offspring are being promised. Certainly this is not only the Jewish people. Certainly this is speaking of those who will be in Jesus Christ. Certainly, I am one of those specks of dust that cannot be counted.

Genesis 14:

I wonder if there are any extra-biblical sources that speak of these battles.

I think this is the first time Abram is called a Hebrew.

Had Abram already built up an army? Is that what the "trained men" is a reference to?

I never think of Abram as a military guy, but it sounds like he was a pretty good war strategist. Certainly he was outnumbered.

Melchizedek is familiar from Hebrews. He's a priest, and here even before the Levites. I wish I knew more about ancient cultures and their history.

Abram would take nothing so that the King of Sodom could not take glory. Either Abram was prideful and wanted the glory for himself or he wanted it all to be given to God.

Genesis 15:

I cannot help but sympathize with Abram in his "doubting". By the looks of things everything that he had been blessed with would certainly go to a member of his household. How could an old man have an heir?

Verse 6 is extremely important in NT theology. Was Abram considered righteous up until this point? Was this the moment of his salvation? Is this when God imputed to his account righteousness?

Even after Abram "believed the Lord" we still see doubts and questions. He is still looking for a sign to show him that this will be so.

Why did God have Abram bring this sacrifice? What is the significance of Abram driving away the birds of prey?

Is the darkness here spoken of the "depression" of knowing what his offspring will have to face? Or is this something else?

"The iniquity of the Amorites is not yet complete". What a mighty God that we serve that even restrains and knows the amount of evil that a nation will accomplish. Lord, speed your coming in justice and doing away with all evil...even mine.

What is the smoking fire pot and flaming torch?

Genesis 16:

I can't believe that Sarai suggested this. Even more I can not believe Abram took her up on the offer.

This is such a confusing exchange. Why is Sarai mad at Abram? Is not this what she was wanting to happen? Why is she mad at Abram now? Certainly this is what a mess we make when we try to come through on God's promises by our own defiled means. Sin on top of sin.

I have always felt bad for Hagar in this story. It is nice seeing the angel of the Lord comforting her. (Is this a reference to Jesus?)

There is a lesson to be learned here about staying with those even when they are harsh with you. Submission to authority (this would include presidents and other leaders) is even to take place when they "deal harshly" with us. This principle must be used with much wisdom and discernment though. I am sure it is not a cookie-cutter doctrine.

verse 12 certainly does sound like the Islamic peoples. They seem to have their hand against everyone and everyone's hand against them.

How comforting it must have been to know that the Lord looked after them. He looks after the mother of the peoples that have massacred countless Christians. What a gracious God that we have.

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