Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Difference Between a Preacher and a Pulpiteer

A pulpiteer is one who speaks behind a pulpit but he/she does about as much to feed the sheep as Elmer Fudd does to benefit the NRA.  He may be using the same tools and hunting in the same woods but he does little for the true task set before him. 

What is the difference between a pulpiteer and a preacher?

Preachers preach because they are bursting with truths which cannot help but find expression.  The Word dwells with power in them, and it passes with power from them.  Pulpiteers preach style.  They may copy the form but they have little knowledge of its substance or its power. 

Most of those that wear the name tag “Preacher” can stand before a group of people and give their opinion about a text.  Some can even do it while being engaging.  Some can handle the congregations and play on their emotions, and can do about what they want with the bleating sheep before them.  These men are pulpiteers.  Only when a man is gripped by the text, awed by the Savior, and bursting forth can he truly be said to be preaching. 

The church needs preachers not pulpiteeers. 

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  1. I should mention that I am indebted for to Chapter 1 of Martyn Lloyd Jones' work Preaching and Preachers for this thought.



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