Thursday, May 10, 2012

Proverbs for Christian Blogging: The Battle for Faithful Blogging is Won Before You Touch the Keyboard

For the past couple days I have looked at Proverbs 7 from the perspective of which it is written: battling seduction from an adulterous woman.  (See here and here).  The central point that can be gathered from Proverbs 7 is that the battle against the seductive woman is not won on the streets but from the window.   Once that foolish guy was walking towards her house he was as good as dead.  If you want to battle inappropriate sex its a war that is waged long before you get into the heat of the moment. 

I believe that you can extend this principle to faithful blogging and commenting as well.  That is, in part, the reason for this series on Proverbs for Christian Blogging.  I believe that there is a very valid and helpful place for blogging in the life of the church.  I believe that even comments can be edifying and helpful to the body of Christ.  Yet, I also believe that we need to raise the bar on our interaction with one another—both in blog posts and in comments. 

I could probably ramble on for about 500 more words but I will spare you and myself.  If you want to be a faithful blogger then it’s not going to come by accident.  That battle is won long before you sit down at your computer and type out articles, comments, and tweets. 

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