Saturday, May 12, 2012

Proverbs for Christian Blogging: Wisdom is Better Than Traffic

    Take my instruction instead of silver,
        and knowledge rather than choice gold,
    for wisdom is better than jewels,
        and all that you may desire cannot compare with her.
(Proverbs 8:10-11 ESV)

The “gold” and “silver” for a blogger is web traffic.  Even if you do not sell ads on your blog (which I do not) you write because you want to be heard.  Good writers write because they love the craft.  And there is a very real sense in which writers would write well and enjoy writing even if nobody read what they wrote.  But I think most every writer also wants an audience. 

Blogging On Every “Dust-Up”

Every couple of weeks there is some “dust up” that happens within the Christian quadrant of the internets.  Awhile back there was a “kerfuffle” in the SBC world (that spilled over into the secular society too).  Richard Land made some remarks about the Trayvon Martin case that were deemed as racist.  (Personally, I was against his comments and I have never been a huge fan of the ERLC).  For a couple of weeks, at least within the SBC, this was the big story.  If you wanted traffic you would have put the name “Richard Land” in your title. 

This blog remained silent on the issue.


Because I do not have enough wisdom in this matter to write well.  I could have drummed something up and I might have been able to make it intriguing, perhaps humorous, and maybe even semi-coherent.  Yet, I know that I would not have been blogging with wisdom.  Therefore, I remained silent and let those that can speak with wisdom to speak—and those that are just speaking fizzle themselves out. 

Blogging on the Big C

Not Cancer.  Calvinism.  You want hits—especially if you are frequent those within the SBC then put Calvinism in your title.  Sometimes, I will blog on Calvinism.  Why?  Honestly, I think I have something to say in this issue.  Others can probably say it better.  Many could say it with more wisdom.  But this is an area—though controversial--that sometimes I believe God can use me to provide perspective. 

Yet, even still I do not always join in the debates.  Especially in comment streams. 


Unfortunately, in this discussion personal opinion and emotionalism drives the bus far more than Lady Wisdom.  Sometimes it is akin to throwing your pearls before swine.  That may sound strong but I refuse to dance the dance with those that aren’t pursuing wisdom.  It could get me traffic to try to expose the ignorant ramblings of some Calvinist-haters or Arminian-bashers but at the end of the day who really cares?  I want wisdom more than I want traffic. 

Blog traffic is fleeting.  Wisdom endures even longer than precious jewels.  I think I’ll pursue the latter. 

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