Monday, May 28, 2012

Today in Blogworld 5.28.12

Six Ways of Minimizing Sin
With a little help from the Gospel-Centered Life booklet Tim Brister offers six ways of minimizing sin.

Today Was Supposed to Be My Wedding Day
M. Connor, writing for TGC, shares how God worked in her life to call off her engagement.  "As much as it would hurt to say goodbye, I knew this was not the relationship God intended for me. He promises much more, and I wasn't going to find it in a marriage with an unbeliever."

Fake Love, Fake War
Russell Moore has more reflection on the tendency of men to throw their lives away on pornography and video games.  Concluding that "the answer to both addictions is to fight arousal with arousal."

7 Keys to Preventing Pastoral Burnout
Rainer notes that "every pastor with whom I spoke had experienced some level of burnout." He then offers 7 keys to preventing burnout. I think even non-pastors could gain some insight from these.
I'm not sure why this is so entertaining but you just keep pulling for the little guy:

(HT: 22 Words)

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