Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Today in Blogworld 5.22.12

Sermon Prep: A Week in One Life

Here Stephen Um describes his typical week of sermon preparation.  He also provides four lessons that we can learn.  I found the team approach particularly interesting. 

Four Ways to Fight Clean

Dustin Neeley provides us with four ways to fight clean over doctrine.  Neeley gives us a great reminder that if you fight dirty then neither player truly wins. 

Competitive Mothering

I don’t know of any challenge or opportunity or responsibility—however you want to classify motherhood—that lends itself more readily to guilt. Many mothers live in guilt from the day they first become pregnant (“I can’t believe I drank coffee! I need to take more vitamins!”) to the day they die (“So many opportunities missed!”).

That is from a solid article written by Tim Challies on the competitive world of mothering.  I’m going to be sure my wife reads this article—it will be an encouragement. 

What a Comedian Taught Me About Parenting

Some parents are permissive and lazy. Others are over-bearing kill-joys. Sadly, many of us manage to be both. I say: keep them safe, keep them away from sin, give them the gospel, and let the good times roll. Hey, I wouldn’t mind being five again. So why make the five year-old miserable because she likes being five too. Kids are kids. And we’d be better and happier parents with better and happier kids if we allowed that sometimes the joy in their silly, childlike hearts is worth more than the paint on our precious parent-like walls. 

This post from Kevin DeYoung is helpful and convicting to this daddy. 

I also found this video from D.A. Carson quite helpful:

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