Thursday, May 10, 2012

What I Hope We Remember After President Obama’s Public Support of Same-Sex Marriage

Yesterday the world was a buzz after President Obama’s public support of same-sex marriage.  This political strategy (his “evolution”) really caught nobody by surprise.  His public support only confirms what we have known for quite some time; our President has a very liberal agenda. 

On the day after I thought it may be good to reflect on a few things that are still the same even after this declaration.  I also hope to offer a few ways in which I hope the church responds to his public support of same sex marriage.  Here are my thoughts on this issue:

  • Our “fight” is bigger than this.  The sanctity of marriage is a hugely important issue and one worth doing battle over.  Yet at the end of the day we must always remember that our fight is much bigger.  God is rooting out of his world all sin and unbelief and replacing it with passionate worshipers.  Homosexuality, Liberalism, American Freedom, etc. is not the fundamental fight, it is the gospel. 
  • God is still sovereign.  The last time I checked the ending of the story it is not pending on whether or not a President or a nation (whose term and life is but a vapor) affirms or denies same-sex marriage.  That is not to increase passivity but to stir up a gospel-rest driven effort. 
  • God is mighty to save.  At T4G Thabiti Anyabwile asked whether or not our gospel was powerful enough to transform a terrorist.  Today, I wonder is your gospel powerful enough to transform a homosexual?  If it is then it cannot be chained or stopped regardless of a law or a presidential vote of support. 
  • People do not define marriage, God does.  I believe that John Piper said something similar to that, once.  This really is not something up for debate.  Call it arrogant, that is fine, but Scripture is pretty clear on what marriage is.  I’m not sure why we would be shocked that the world would have a different view and define it differently. 
  • Fox News isn’t your hub for what is going on in the world.  By this I do not mean that bible prophecy teachers really know what is going on in Israel and the US.  What I mean is that the same thing is going on in our world that was going on in 1st century Palestine.  God created man.  We rebel.  We worship and serve the creature rather than creation.  In Jesus He provides redemption.  That is what is going on in the world.  Let Scripture interpret your world not Fox News and talk radio.  
  • Remember why we do battle.  A good part of our battle is because we do not want people to legalize holding bombs with the pin on the floor.  This isn’t a battle to see who wins. 
  • If we “lose” this battle lets respond as believers should.  It seems to me that what Barnabas Piper said here, also applies in this situation. 
  • The believers citizenship is elsewhere and it is secure.  I pray that we live and respond as if we really believe that this is true.

I fear that some people will read this and miss what I am saying.  I am not saying that the sanctity of marriage is not a big issue.  It is important.  It is a truth worth fighting for.  I am in agreement with Kevin DeYoung in his article here.   I also agree with Joe Carter and others that call the President’s speech blasphemy.  I believe also that it is a finely timed political strategy and nothing close to an evolution and that it is dishonest and outright wrong for the President to pretend like he has finally accepted this position.  It’s wrong for him to drag Jesus through the muck of his idolatry as well.  I’m certainly not for this decision. 

My hope, though, is that we fight with the right weapons and wield them the correct way.  I preach, teach, write, and labor to see people become enthralled with Jesus not America.  I want people fit for the true King’s kingdom and not captivated by the kingdom of the ruler of a borrowed reign. 

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