Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Today in Blogworld 5.23.12

Normal Sermon Prep?  Really?

Yesterday I linked to Stephen Um’s article on sermon prep.  Today I want to point you to a helpful corrective from David Murray.  If you read Um’s piece be sure to read this from Murray, I think he makes a couple solid points. 

Congregationalists and Individualists

Thabiti Anyabwile makes a careful distinction between “pooled individualism” and congregationalism.  If the vast majority of a congregation desires to follow the leadership but four members are holding it hostage because they demand all the information the leaders have, is this a congregational expression of church polity?  Thabiti’s answer—and distinction between congregationalism and individualism—is very helpful. 

How to Sabotage and Introverted Pastor

In the spirit of The Screwtape Letters, Jared Wilson gives some demon counsel on sabotaging an introverted pastor.  As an introverted pastor myself, I found his counsel here quite fitting.  I have sensed some of these temptations myself and have been exhorted by the Spirit to do things that do not come “natural” to me. 

Compare, Contrast, and Caterwaul (2/2)

I really appreciated this post from Frank Turk.  He does a tremendous job of disagreeing with Tim Keller but also encouraging his readers to “do what was done here, and then do it better.” 

This is what Gospel Community should look like:

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