Monday, May 7, 2012

Notes from T4G: 9 Marks of Confidence in the Gospel

I found myself going through notes from T4G this morning and thought that some of them might be helpful to those of you that could not attend (or helpful reminders for those that were in attendance). 

In his address at T4G Thabiti Anyabwile asked whether or not our gospel could transform a terrorist.  His major point was an exhortation to have confidence in the gospel.  He concluded his talk by listing 9 Marks of a having gospel confidence. 

If we had confidence in the gospel:

1) We would position ourselves around the worst of sinners.  (Confidence in the gospel puts us in close proximity to those who need the gospel). 

2) We would share the gospel slowly and clearly.

3) We would redirect our fears from man to God.  (We would fear being unfaithful more than being unfruitful).

4) We would endeavor to preach the gospel every Sunday.

5) We would be careful with new converts and evangelistic methods.

6) We would study the gospel in deeper and more varied ways.

7) We would preach to open eyes and not just transfer information.

8) We would ask, “Is my confidence in self or the power of the gospel”. 

9) We would preach in such a way that “their faith would rely upon the power of God”. 

The entire message is worthy of your viewing:

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