Thursday, May 31, 2012

TweetNotes for Stephen Altrogge’s Create: Stop Making Excuses and Start Making Stuff

You can purchase this engaging and inspiring book for only $2.99 at Amazon.  If you are still on the fence I hope to encourage you to dole out the change tomorrow morning when I review the book. 

Yesterday I mentioned a new series here at Borrowed Light entitled TweetNotes.  Since this is project that needed a little creative boost to get off the ground it’s only fitting that Altrogge’s book would be the first.

1: Image-reflectors of the Joyous Creator are called 2 joyously create.

2: Those w/their identity rooted in God’s acceptance have no need to fear being creative.

3: Your sluggardly excuses for not getting started are lame.  #getstartedtoday

4: Babies produce more poop early on.  So will u.  #beokaywiththat

5: Spending time locked up in a cabin is 4 @unabombers.  Faithful, diligent plodding makes 4 creative work

6: Find a good routine. Make it a habit.  Otherwise you’ll watch TV.  #likeMatlock

7: If your project is honoring God, giving up is sin.  #dontgiveup

8: U need criticism; so don’t pout when God helps u through other people #likebloggers #peoplethatarenotyourmom

9: New ideas happen by living life.  So, live life.  #watchsunsets #holdhands #petpuppies #eatOreos

10: Stop waiting 4 people to reach out 2 u, serve others by actively sharing what God gives you 4 His glory.  #stophoarding

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