Monday, December 10, 2012

Today in Blogworld 12.10.12


Micah Fries informs us about sex trafficking in America: “The very idea that 100,000 American children are being abducted and enslaved in sex slavery each year, and that there are only 100 shelter beds available – in the entire country – for these children, blows my mind.”

More Gospel –centered Than Thou

Mark Lauterbach wonders if the gospel-centered movement is at times being hi-jacked by self-righteousness. Great article.

5 More Signs You Glorify Self

Last week Paul Tripp gave us 5 signs that self-glory is robbing our ministry. Today he gives 5 more.

Royals Made Right Move With Trade

Last night the Royals pulled off a blockbuster trade sending Wil Myers, Jake Odorizzi, Mike Montgomery and Patrick Leonard to the Rays for James Shields, Wade Davis, and either cash or a guy without a name yet. Personally, I’m on the fence. I’m not totally sold on Myers but I loved Odorizzi. I’m also not sold on Shields or Davis. But Ken Rosenthal thinks the Royals made the right move. We’ll see.

I might need to get one of these:

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