Friday, December 7, 2012

Today in Blogworld 12.05.12

Writing When There’s Nothing to Write

I have experienced this: “What is a writer to do when the ideas aren’t there, when the mind is a wasteland of shriveled thought and emptiness? It can be downright scary and depressing because it is so much out of our control what ideas we have.” Barnabas Piper gives a few ideas for getting out of the funk.

The Joy of Rejection

It’s hard to imagine Tim Challies facing rejection as a writer. This article really got me to thinking about submitting more articles and putting myself in a position to be rejected more. I appreciate this article from Challies, and it applies to far more than writing.

For Want of a Pitcher: R.A. Dickey

After reading his biography I am a huge fan of R.A. Dickey. I am also a huge fan of the KC Royals. There are rumors that the two could become one. I’m dreaming of that. And so I love articles like this one. I’m hoping it gets done…

The Complexities of Christmas

Tim Brister believes that the complexities of Christmas time exposes us to many subtle forms of idolatry. He encourages us to slow down in this season rather than speeding up.

This took more than a Movember or a No Shave November:

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