Saturday, December 22, 2012

An Idiot’s Guide to Week 16 #NFL Predictions

Good week for my picks last week. Bad week for actual football. The Browns slim playoff hopes were dashed. My fantasy team lost (again). And to be honest I have very little to still care about in the NFL. But because I know several of you rely on my bold predictions to make you sound like a genius around your friends, I’ll humor you.

Falcons over Lions
Saints over Cowboys (blowout)
Packers over Titans (close though)
Chiefs over Colts
Dolphins over Bills
Chargers over Jets
Redskins over Eagles
Steelers over Bengals
Bucs over Rams
Panthers over Raiders
Patriots over Jags
Texans over Vikings
Browns over Broncos (upset of the week)
Cardinals over Bears
Giants over Ravens
49ers over Seahawks

Fantasy stud of the week: Jamaal Charles
Fantasy sleeper of the week: Lester Jean

Other Crazy Picks:
Browns haven’t won against Broncos since 1990 that ends this week
3 picks and only 1 TD and 175 yards for Peyton Manning
80 yards for AP
Cardinals D/ST scores thrice
Charles scampers for 200 yards and 2 TD’s
125/2 for Trent Richardson
Eli looks like Super Bowl Eli
Cowboys QB looks like Never-go-to-the-SuperBowl-with-Romo, Romo
McElroy is serviceable
Bengals get blown out by Big Ben

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