Monday, December 17, 2012

Today in Blogworld 12.17.12

Sharing the Gospel with Gay People

Mike McKinley gives some advice for sharing the gospel with those in the homosexual community. His third one is very similar to my suggestion the other day of doing battle on Baal’s court.

Rachel Weeping for Her Children—The Massacre in Connecticut

There have been many responses to the Connecticut tragedy. Here is Dr. Mohler’s response. “God, not the murderer, has the last word. For those in Christ, there is the promise of full restoration. Even in the face of such unmitigated horror, there is hope.”

Newtown: Time to Operate on a “Need to Know” Basis

This is an interesting take by David Murray on the Newtown tragedy. He says that “for most of us, it’s time to pull the plug and avert our gaze”. Noting that “It is deeply damaging to our short and long-term mental, emotional, and spiritual health to expose ourselves to such bloodcurdling details.”

Tolkien on Fairy Stories

My nerd friends will enjoy this one. I haven’t got to see the Hobbit yet, but I hope to very soon. This article is a defense of fairy tales and how they might draw us closer to the gospel than any other genre.

I have never seen anything like this before. Was anyone watching this game to know why this was even close to necessary?

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