Friday, December 21, 2012

Today in Blogworld 12.21.12

5 Ways to Play with Your Kids This Christmas

I’m finding myself having to repent of something I never thought I would have to; namely, a scroogy and begrudging attitude as it concerns playing with my kids. Trevin’s article gives a few ideas. And be sure to click the links he provides as well. Those are the ones that will really convict you.

Are the Metro-Evangelicals Right?

I really appreciate this article from Keith Miller. I’ve had a somewhat nasty taste in my mouth for awhile concerning this “strategic importance of the city”.

Can I Pray to Jesus?

TGC continues answering questions posed by readers. This is one that I’ve heard numerous times. Good answer.

Does God Hate Westboro?

I couldn’t stomach putting “Baptist” or “Church” in that title. They are neither. Nor are they good Calvinists (as they also claim). Josh Buice makes a compelling case that they are an abomination to the Lord and calls us to pray for their repentance. I agree.

This is the awesome story of the origin of Sometimes little ideas turn into huge things. (And of course sometimes they are little ideas and always stay that way).

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