Friday, December 14, 2012

Today in Blogworld 12.14.12

Safeguarding Against Abuse in the Church

Wise counsel from Jared Wilson on setting up structures of accountability and policies to prevent and deal with abuse in the church.

The Missed High Five

Zach Nielsen linked to this site yesterday. It’s gold.

Who Was St. Nicholas?

Kevin DeYoung gives us a history lesson on the real St. Nick. I really hope the slapping Arius story is true.

Christmas The Dawn of the Death’s Destruction

Christmas for some people can be a very depressing time. Jon Bloom writes that this is okay. “Christmas is actually a very good time for grief. Because sorrow has a way of disbursing fantasy nonsense and pointing us to what the birth of Jesus was all about: death’s destruction”

This is a funny take on one of those really awkward missed handshakes. Kevin Love seems like a pretty funny dude:

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