Thursday, December 13, 2012

An Idiot’s Guide to Week 15 #NFL Predictions

Last week I had the flu. Really bad. I had no idea what I was picking. Turns out I did just about as well as normal. In my ESPN Pigskin Pick ‘Em I actually had 11 wins because I took a couple gambles I didn’t here (like the Panthers upset I was feeling). This week I have no flu…at least I don’t think…so let’s see how I do in my right state of mind.

Bengals over Eagles
Falcons over Giants
Packers over Bears (in OT)
Redskins over Browns
Vikings over Rams
Dolphins over Jags
Saints over Bucs
Ravens over Broncos
Texans over Colts (blowout)
Seahawks over Bills
Lions over Cardinals
Chargers over Panthers
Cowboys over Steelers
Chiefs over Raiders
49ers over Patriots
Titans over Jets

Fantasy Stud of the Week: Alfred Morris
Fantasy Sleeper of the Week: Kendall Wright

Other Crazy Picks:

Browns slim playoff hopes are dashed (this one isn’t crazy, is it?)
Brady Quinn actually throws for over 300 yards
Alex Smith plays more than Kaepernick
2 scores for Kendall Wright
Alfred Morris 3 scores 150 yards
Matthew Stafford threatens 500 yards passing but only 1 TD
Turbin rushes for more yards than Lynch
Giants look really flat. Poor game for Eli and their D.
3 Turnovers for Tom Brady
3 Turnovers and under 100 yards for Mark Sanchez

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