Saturday, December 22, 2012

Today in Blogworld 12.22.12

Clarifying Words on Wife Abuse

Awhile back John Piper answered a Q & A about submission and spousal abuse. Some took great offense at Piper’s words. Here he clarifies.

Did Jesus Assume a Fallen Human Nature?

I just had this conversation the other day. I wondered if Jesus cut perfect angles as a carpenter? Did he ever have to throw away a piece of wood? We then started talking about whether or not Jesus ever had a cold. This is somewhat of an answer to those questions.

The Media and the Massacre

Andy Crouch writes on the humdrum of constant broadcasting: “Not a single person in that airport was assisted in any way by these ghastly disclosures, pat press releases, and offensive atheologies. But this is the ironclad logic of continuous broadcasting: Broadcasting must be continuous. Someone must always be saying something even when there is nothing new to say.”

I Am NOT a Depressed Person

Michael Patton reflects on his battle with depression. Calling to his (and our) attention the truths of Romans 6.

Okay this blows my mind. It will certainly blow yours as well:

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