Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lord, Give Me Conviction to Lead Well

I have been greatly benefiting from Albert Mohler’s book, 25 Principles for Leadership That Matters. At the end of almost every chapter I find myself crying out to God to shape me into a better leader. I figure I’m not the only one. So I thought that you might benefit from reading the prayer that I wrote in response to each chapter.

Chapter One: The Conviction to Lead

Lord, even though there is a no scarcity of leadership materials there is a dearth in leadership in our land and in our churches. Stir in my heart a passion that is proportionate to the convictions that I hold. You have called me to lead. I pray that our generation will “lead with conviction and “have the conviction to lead”.

I know that in Your Word an absence of leadership is often a sign of your judgment. Lord, would you meet us with grace? Would you transform our world through the powerful gospel? Would you set the world on fire with passionate worshippers that passionately proclaim that your kingdom comes. May I be obedient to you. Make me a leader after your heart. Amen.

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