Monday, February 11, 2013

Today in Blogworld 02.11.13

How Do We Cherish Virginity Without Moralistic Fearmongering

“Must we teach our teens to be responsible, to cherish their purity, and to save the gift of sexual intimacy for marriage? Yes, without question. But so many of our efforts amount to condemning present affections without that expulsive power of a new one. We give them the “no” to sex with a “yes” to virginity or freedom from disease and pregnancy, but no “yes” is as propulsive for saying “no” to sin as the “yes” that is in Jesus.” Read more…

When the Light Comes On

A great reminder of what it was like to be in the dark where God is concerned. And also what it is like to have the lights on.

9 Things You Should Know About Pope Benedict XVI

The Pope has resigned. First time that has happened in 600 years. Joe Carter gives us a few facts on the current pope.

Christian Hedonism and the Challenge of Depression

These are links to a few Ask Pastor John Daily Podcast sessions. They center around the question of Christian hedonism and how it relates to depression.

Tim Keller will be putting out expository guides to the Bible. His work on Galatians will be the first. Find out more:


Buy it here.

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