Friday, February 8, 2013

Today in Blogworld 02.08.13

9 Characteristics of Happy Churches

I know it’s a subjective study but it’s still interesting. Thom Rainer has consulted with several churches. He recently interviewed 17 of those that he determined where the happiest. This is the pattern that emerged.

Any Place for the God of Job?

Job is an uncomfortable book. I appreciate the probing question that Carl Trueman asks in this article, “Does your theology have a place for the God of Job?”

Advice for Parenting Young Kids

The church needs more of this. "At its core, this list is a quick mind-dump of the practical advice I want to give parents with young kids after years of doing it.”

Prepare for Gay Marriage

It’s coming. David Murray tells us that we need to prepare. I agree. Something I’ve been thinking about for awhile now is his fifth point: “Prepare for a refuge?” Kind of sad to think that we might need to flee the “home of the free” to pursue freedom.

What happens when two guys try to sell a little pot at the mall:

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