Monday, February 18, 2013

Today in Blogworld 02.18.13

A Statement on Southern Baptist Soteriological Unity

This is a really good list compiled by Bart Barber. I might have a few minor quibbles but I could sign my name to this document. (Bart’s not intending to create a movement, he just wants to make a point that we have a ton of important issues in common).

Luke 24 and the Christological Hermeneutic

Matt Waymeyer says that Luke 24 does not justify a christological hermeneutic (that is a fancy way of saying “reading Christ in every passage”). At the end of the day I’m going to disagree. But I think there are some good points here to consider.

Suffering for the Gospel in Unity with Jesus

We are all called to suffering in the gospel, but not all of us the same way. Eric McKiddie gives three ways to suffer for God’s glory in your ministry.

How Can I Tell If I’m Called to Pastoral Ministry?

This is a question that many believers have asked. Kevin DeYoung’s list here is very helpful.

This might be only funny for me. But give it a minute or two, so that you can thoroughly hypnotized:

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