Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Today in Blogworld 02.06.13

Interview with Anonymous

How do you interview an anonymous person? Stephen Altrogge did it. He interviewed the anonymous author of the book Embracing Obscurity.

How Much Doctrine Can One Distort or Deny and Still Be Saved?

Justin Taylor notes that this is a terrible question but not an altogether illegitimate one. He then compiles various answers to this question.

Should We Cheer For God?

This is a very interesting post by Barnabas Piper. I’ve done it in service with a host of others. Honestly, I’ve always felt a little weird clapping for Jesus. The crux of his argument is that “the deepest emotions, the strongest joys are not released in the loudest ways.” Give it a read.

10 Ways to Give Constructive Criticism

This is helpful. Giving constructive criticism is usually either neglected or everything but constructive. David Murray gives 10 ways to get better at giving constructive criticism.

I’m impressed. College coaches are probably already figuring out how to buy recruit this kid:

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