Monday, February 4, 2013

Today in Blogworld 02.04.13

Reflections on the Credit Card Receipt Heard Round the World

Surely you’ve heard by now of Alois Bell and her blaming of a terrible tip on the Most High. I appreciate Dave Miller’s thoughtful reflections.

Consider Preschool Before the Pulpit

I think this is tremendous advice from Aaron Armstrong. I believe my preaching has benefited from all my years working with children and teenagers. Aaron says this, Brothers, the point is this: if you’re feeling called to preach, consider preschool before the pulpit.

10 Reasons to Hope When All Seems Hopeless

As believers we always have a reason to hope. David Murray gives us ten of them.

The FAQs: Changes to the HHS Contraceptive-Abortifacient Mandate

Joe Carter is doing what he does best; getting straight to the issues and telling us why we should care. If you are wondering about all of this Health Care and Hobby Lobby stuff this article will help you.

I liked this commercial. At first I feared it might sky-rocket the cost of tomatoes, but then I saw it was made by Dodge Ram. Kudos to them:

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