Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lord, Make Me Willing to Live and Die for My Convictions

Albert Mohler’s second principle for leadership is that leading is believing. By this he means that the leader is driven by beliefs that lead to action. Leaders must have passion. They must have firmly held convictions.

I want to be a leader that is known for “being willing to die—or even to live—for [my] convictions”. (From The Conviction to Lead.)

Lord, make me willing to live and to die for my convictions. I pray that my convictions are not merely stupidly held beliefs but they are grounded in my Surety. Help me to be convicted about that which should captivate my heart and to hold loosely the things that I ought to hold loosely. Make me like Luther; “Here I stand…” Give me a heart of full conviction. Amen. 

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