Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Today in Blogworld 9.12.12

Democrats and Abortion: Why the DNC “Cheering” Disturbs Me So Much

Wise words here from Ed Stetzer.  “In 1992, President Clinton talked about making abortion "safe, legal, and rare." Now the DNC cheers its mention-- dozens of times-- and never mentions the "rare." Perhaps the cheering points shows us that the "rare" part was just a talking point from another era.” 

When Should Children Be Baptized?

I wish Tim Challies would have posted this piece a couple of months ago when we were discussing this while revising our Constitution.  I think most Baptists tend to take the “baptize them when they make a decision”.  I tend to be the minority and believe it’s probably wise to wait.  (I’m more in line with David Michael’s view than any). 

A Possible Marriage Saver in Nine Steps

One of the keys to marriage is seeing how “bearing with” and “forgiving” mingle together. 

A Couple Books for your E-Reader

Orphanology by Tony Merida & Rick Morton is only $2.99
The Unwavering Resolve of Jonathan Edwards by Steven Lawson is under a buck
Basic Christianity by John Stott is only $3.60 

I found this to be really powerful:

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