Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Today in Blogworld 9.4.12

Inspect but Don’t Introspect

A helpful compilation and commentary here by Justin Taylor.  There is a difference between healthy inspection and morbid introspection.  Knowing that difference is huge. 

We Didn’t Build This: God Did. 

Ed Stetzer shares a few ways that the Gospel Project has surprised even Lifeway.  He also shares a few training videos that would be helpful for your church. 

New 9 Marks E-Journal

The September/October edition of the 9Marks e-journal is now out.  This edition focuses on making disciples in the local church.

A Few Deals for Your E-Reader

Spiritual Leadership by Henry Blackaby only $2.99
New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable by F.F. Bruce only $2.99
Church Planter by Darrin Patrick only $3.99
Rescuing Ambition by Greg Harvey only $3.99
Leaders Who Last by Dave Kraft only $4.99

Season 4 of Parks and Rec. is now on Netflix.  Excited to see that Season 5 will begin on September 20th.  That means only a couple more weeks until the great Ron Swanson returns:

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