Thursday, September 27, 2012

An Idiots Guide to Week 4 NFL Predictions

Last week I only mustered 7 correct picks.  I did pick the Raiders over the Steelers.  Should have went all the way with my gut and picked the Vikings over the 49ers.  I was correct about MJD’s big week, got the Giants blowing out the Panthers as well as the Seahawks and Packers being close.  But other than I once again proved that these are an idiots guide to NFL predictions. 

Browns over Ravens (upset of the week)
Falcons over Panthers
Patriots over Bills
Lions over Vikings
Chiefs over Chargers (Chiefs D finally shows up)
Rams over Seahawks (MNF letdown)
49ers over Jets
Titans over Texans
Broncos over Raiders
Dolphins over Cardinals
Bengals over Jaguars
Saints over Packers (shocking blowout)
Redskins over Bucs
Giants over Eagles
Cowboys over Bears (blowout)

Fantasy Stud of the Week: Darren Sproles
Fantasy Sleepers of the Week: Josh Gordon

Other crazy picks:

Joe Flacco with 2 really bad fumbles
After Sanchez’s atrocious performance the Tebow chants will begin
Titans upset turnover prone Texans
More points for Defense and ST’s than for the offenses in ‘Fins/Cards game
The Jaguars only score 3 more points than the Colts and Steelers
Peyton Manning throws for 400 yards but only 2 TDs
Jacquizz Rodgers doubles the rushing yards of Michael Turner
4 Monday Night INT’s for Jay Cutler and a bucket full of tears


  1. The Texans are turnover prone? Only 2 turnovers so far this season and +4 turnover ratio. Also they are at home. No way will the Texans lose to the former Houston Oilers.

    1. They are going to be turnover prone vs. the Titans. Two picks and one fumble for Schaub, says this idiot.

  2. You are a false football prophet. The Titans lost big and the Texans had zero turnovers.

    “when the word of the prophet shall come to pass, then shall the prophet be known, that the LORD hath truly sent him.” Jeremiah 28:9



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