Thursday, September 20, 2012

An Idiot’s Guide to Week 3 NFL Predictions

Last week I showed myself a little better than an idiot at 10-6.  If that were an NFL season I would have made the playoffs.  Not too shabby.  A.J. Green didn’t do too bad.  Lester Jean was the fantasy sleeper of the week…and by that of course I mean he slept his way to 0 points.  I was right in picking the Seahawks.  I was right that the Pats and Cards were close (but got the winner wrong).  Correct about Eli’s 4th quarter comeback, I was right about Trent Richardson and almost correct with Romo and Andrew Luck.  So without further bragging here are your week 3 picks:

Giants over Panthers (they win big too)
Bears over Rams (I’m really feeling a Rams upset but don’t have the guts to do it)
Browns over Bills
Cowboys over Bucs
Lions over Titans
Jaguars over Colts
Jets over Dolphins
49ers over Vikings (its going to be close though, Akers game winning FG)
Saints over Chiefs
Redskins over Bengals
Eagles over Cardinals
Falcons over Chargers
Broncos over Texans
Raiders over Steelers (upset of the week)
Patriots over Ravens
Packers over Seahawks (but closer than many are picking)

Fantasy Stud of the Week: Maurice Jones-Drew
Fantasy Sleeper of the Week: Michael Bush

Other crazy picks:

MJD rushes for over 150 yards and 2 TD’s
50 yards but 3 TD’s for Michael Bush
Tebow finds the end zone
Alex Smith looks shaky with Jared Allen in his face all day
Andy Dalton throws 4 INT’s
Raiders win in a very sloppy turnover filled game
Josh Cribbs returns a KO for a TD and almost get a PR TD

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