Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Today in Blogworld 9.5.12

Top 10 Women’s Blogs

David Murray indexes the top 10 blogs written by women and also provides a place in the comments for you to add your favorites.

Answering Anger

Joe Thorn gives a few helpful pointer on knowing your anger and also conquering your anger.   

How Jesus Changed the Way I Study

Helpful post here for students and anyone else that applies themselves to rigorous study.  Will Little offers suggestions for studying for the sake of the Lord and not our own prideful advancement. 

No Longer an Orphan (But Tempted to Live Like It)

Powerful words here from Christine Hoover as she reflects on the story of Rose Marie Miller.  “Until my late twenties, I spent the majority of my Christian life striving — striving for perfection, for God’s favor, for the approval of others, and for the joy and freedom that the Bible spoke of yet completely eluded me.”

Lecrae’s new album, Gravity, hit stores yesterday.  Here is a sample:

You can buy the album here.  Or you can preview it via stream on this website.

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