Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Today in Blogworld 9.18.12

Too Tough On Guys Who Are Trying

Not only is this a great discussion but it is also an excellent picture of how the church is supposed to work.  If you need to give some critical feedback to your pastor take the example of this young man.  If you need to see how to receive such feedback consider Josh’s example.  This is beautiful.

10 Lessons from Faithful Ministry Without Revival

Robert Strivens reflects on the life and ministry of Philip Doddridge. 

Compromising God’s Standards for Sexuality

Tim Challies gives us five ways that the church might drift into compromising God’s standards for sexuality.  Tim has a ton of balance when writing in this area.  As I’ve mentioned previously one of the best books for guys struggling with pornography is Tim’s book Sexual Detox. 

Preaching Morality v. Preaching Christ

Tim Kimberley has pastors and congregants try to remember the last sermon they heard/preached.  He then attempts to help you decide if it was centered on Christ or morality.  Then he makes a very interesting historical turn. 

3-2-1 Gospel explained

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