Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Today in Blogworld 9.25.12

The best and bushiest at the European Beard and Mustache Championships

Abraham Piper has compiled photos from the 2012 EBMC.  Gives us something to shoot for. 

10 Years Ago Today

I really appreciated this article.  Tim Challies reflects upon his 10 year blogiversary.  It’s amazing to think that his blog began with an idea of sharing photos amidst his family.  Not that my blog is anywhere near the influence of Challies but I know that I started blogging to share news, sermons, devotionals, etc. to our 30 something students at FBC New London.  Amazing how little ideas like that grow into something much bigger. 

Precious Puritans (Part 2)

Joe Thorn continues his reflection on Propaganda’s new song on the puritans.  It’s worthy of a read.  Also Propaganda’s new album released today.  (As a side note, so did the new Mumford & Sons album). 

Victorious Christian Sobbing

Tim Kimberley shares the story of his sobbing wife and how his embarrassment turned into realizing that such is the Christian life. 

Funny commercial.  Also makes me want to adopt a little British kid:

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