Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Today in Blogworld 9.19.12

The Christian Celebrity

Tim Challies reflects on the nature of Christian celebrities and a couple of things he places in his life to keep him from speaking on things he knows little about but has been asked to speak on just because he’s an awesome blogger (my words not his).  I guess that means that I can cancel Challies coming to our church to speak about life in the Southern US. 

Dear Pastors, Please Quit Picking on Video Games

Good words here for Stephen Altrogge.  I do have to say though that we might not want to completely abandon picking on video games.  Perhaps the wise thing to do would be to point out the symptom but then use Stephen’s points to really address the heart. 

Small Groups That Attract Catholics

I found this really interesting.  There are not many small groups for Catholics.  Yet they are often attracted to small groups.  In a Catholic community like ours this might be a good thing to consider. 

Sweet or Sour Holiness

It looks like Tony Reinke has got his hands on a copy of Jared Wilson’s new book Gospel Deeps.  Here he reflects on one of Jared’s quotes and shows us the relationship between holiness and joy. 

We need the local church.  David Powlison explains why:

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