Friday, September 28, 2012

Today in Blogworld 9.28.12

Does Your Church Have Policies and Practices to Protect Against Pastoral Failures?

This is a particularly relevant question for our church.  Not because of moral failure but because we are working on rewriting our church’s constitution and bylaws.  This is a great reminder to make sure to have things in place for such tragic actions.  These scandals are becoming increasingly more common (or more likely only increasingly more public) and the church needs to be prepared to respond as well as to take preventative measures.  This piece by Thabiti is very helpful in doing such a thing.

Leadership:Why Choosing Your Favorite Team Should Be Nothing Like Choosing a Church

I appreciated this article from Timothy Paul Jones.  Not only because he too is a Royals fan but because he makes a really solid point concerning how some choose a church. 

6 Practical Reasons to Study Eschatology

That doesn’t mean study rapture charts, but it does mean looking seriously at the end times.  (I think 1 Peter shows us the benefit of eschatology in the face of present suffering). 

Are You a Hypocritical Preacher?

I am.  If I wasn’t I’d probably have little to say.  Eric McKiddie helps us hypocritical preachers to be hypocrites in the right way. 

This inspires me to take up acting:

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