Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Blogging and Water Torture

…a wife’s quarreling is a continual dripping of rain

I’ve never had to endure water torture, nor have I had to experience life with a quarreling wife.  I am blessed to have a tremendous and godly woman for a wife.  I’ve found something far more valuable than a mine of rubies.  But I have vaguely experienced the annoyance of a steady drip of water, or a rebellious and seemingly invisible cricket in the basement. 

Those might seem like minor annoyances but they are really symptoms of a much greater problem.  A steady dripping of water through your roof means that your going to be replacing your roof eventually.  Such a thing could even destroy the entire household.  Not to mention drive everyone completely insane with the noise of a constant drip. 

I well remember an episode of Mythbusters were they tested whether or not it really was torturous to endure the constant dripping of water:

Sometimes scrolling through my Google Reader and the SBC Voices aggregator feels like that.  Quarrels and contentions about some of the dumbest and most asinine things. 

Actually I should say that it used to feel like that.  I seldom check the aggregator (only occasionally am I drawn into a train wreck) and I’ve unsubscribed to almost all of the blogs that deal with negatives, controversies, and other articles that feel more like the constant drip of water torture than a steady stream from the fountain of grace.  I’d suggest you do the same.

The husband of a contentious wife is called to endure the quarreling.  To love her.  To nurture her.  To pray for her.  To find refuge in Christ alone.  And to hope for her finding abiding joy in Christ.  (As the same would be of a wife with a goober of a husband). 

But you don’t have to endure the constant dripping of annoying blogs.  Just unsubscribe.  Don’t concern yourself with holding a bucket under their spew or trying to fix the leak.  Eventually the house will flood itself.  No sense in standing by to watch.   

You probably know what blogs I’m talking about.  Just walk away.  “But they have influence and I want to help those that are being influenced”.  Fair enough.  But the people that enjoy the constant dripping of rain are pretty much insane anyways.  I’m not saying give up on them but they’ll only come out of such insanity through prayers and fasting not through your awesomely true and witty arguments.  Just let them live in the deluge and pray that they wake up to rescue. 

Meanwhile build up your own house and make sure it nurtured in such a way with the precious gospel that it doesn’t develop leaks.  Just as a husband wants to soak his wife in the water of the Word so a blog author needs to continually bathe his/her writing with the gospel. 

Blogging doesn’t have to be like water torture. 

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