Saturday, September 8, 2012

7 Questions with Lee Eclov, Author of Pastoral Grace (Part 2 of 2)

Yesterday I posted the first four questions to my interview with Pastor Lee Eclov, author of Pastoral Graces.  Today I hope you enjoy his final 3 questions.  Notice his non-answer to the Mike Ditka question.  I think we might be on to something.  Da Bears!

5. Perhaps my favorite concept from the book is that there are "the people grace has invited to church". I love that. Can you tell us a little more about that statement? Where did it come from? How does seeing people that way influence how you do things as a church?

I’m glad you liked it. It was simply an observation. When you hear the stories of how people end up in church it is obvious. The effect on ministry, I think, is the assumption that no one is here by accident. (And the corollary: the measure of our church is not who or how many show up.) We don’t have to ‘win’ these people to our church. God brought them, and he can keep them with us. We need to be the church on a Sunday morning—in the authenticity of what we do, in the love we show, in exalting the Lord, in preaching the Word—and we’ll be just what each attendee needs, at least on that day.

6. What is the coolest thing that God is doing in your church right now?

Actually, I suspect that the coolest thing is something we haven’t really heard yet because most cool stories are happening in personal lives and it takes awhile before they come to light. I usually get more jazzed about those personal stories than things happening churchwide. Like Mae who came to see me last week to catch me up on things in her life. Out of the blue, she says, “On July 21 I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior!” It happened in a Chinese-language Bible study when a visiting speaker she’d never met spoke specifically to her personal need.

7. I notice that the church you serve is close to Chicago. I also notice that you have a wonderful Mike Ditka mustache. Is that a prerequisite for ministering in Chicago? Do people ever refer to you as Pastor Ditka? Ever thought of wearing a Bears sweater and a whistle?

Really?! Really?!?

image image


Give the guy a cigar, a whistle, a frown, and a Ditka cut, and I think we’re on to something here.  So, if you’ve ever wanted a book on pastoral ministry written by one of the greatest coaches in history then you’ll certainly want to check out Pastoral Graces by Coach Ditka Lee Eclov. 

Thanks again to Lee for agreeing to do this interview and enduring my really horrible sense of humor. 

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