Thursday, November 8, 2012

An Slightly Less Than Idiots Guide to Week 10 #NFL Predictions

I changed the title after my stellar 12-2 performance last week.  I missed the Browns upset (almost happened though).  And I was totally off on the Titans surprising the Bears.  Every other game I picked correctly.  I was not so accurate on my other crazy picks—but they are called crazy for a reason.  This week I’m a little less confident in my picks:

Jaguars over Colts
Giants over Bengals
Titans over Dolphins
Lions over Vikings
Patriots over Bills
Saints over Falcons
Chargers over Bucs
Broncos over Panthers
Baltimore over Oakland (last second FG)
Jets over Seahawks (surprising blowout)
Cowboys over Eagles
49ers over Rams (close though)
Texans over Bears (blowout)
Chiefs over Steelers (upset of the week)

Fantasy Stud of the Week: Jamaal Charles
Fantasy Sleeper of the Week: Taiwan Jones

Other Crazy Picks:

Blaine Gabbert has a solid line with 300 passing yards and 3 TD’s
Saints beat Falcons after a last second missed FG
Doug Martin is held to under 60 yards
Jets D/ST scores 2 TD’s
Steelers commit enough dumb turnovers to keep KC in the game
Texans offense is shut down but helped by 3 bad Cutler turnovers
175 and 2TD’s for Adrian Peterson
200 and 2TD’s for Jamaal Charles
The Browns don’t lose
If I am wrong and the Chiefs lose, Romeo Crennel loses his job

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