Thursday, November 15, 2012

Today in Blogworld 11.15.12

Never the Same—The Sawi People 50 Years Later

Stuff like this always stirs me. It is amazing seeing what the gospel does. Watch this video as it shows what 50 years of gospel advancement in a culture will do.

Brothers, Build a Gospel Culture

I’m digging this “Brothers,…” series from DG. Today Ray Ortlund encourages us to create a gospel culture. If you are stirred by Ortlund’s words to do that I would suggest picking up Creature of the Word.

30th Anniversary of Founders Ministries

Tom Ascol reflects on the origin and expansion of Founders Ministries. Happy 30th birthday. I know I have personally been impacted by the labors of Founders Ministries. Not to make me a better Calvinist but to make me a better follower of Jesus.

Don’t Just Share Your Testimony

Randy Newman shows how the Apostle Paul did much more than simply share his testimony. Share what God is doing in your life, absolutely. But do not stop there.

To everyone rockin’ an in-between mustache in Movember…hang in there:

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