Thursday, November 8, 2012

Today in Blogworld 11.08.12

7 Things a Pastor’s Kid Needs From a Father

Barnabas Piper, one of the more famous PK’s, reflects on seven things that PK’s need to know from their father. Great advice.

The Loyal Opposition

Denny Burk reflects on the election results and the Christian’s responsibility to be both loyal and to stand for truth. 

The Two Articles Christians Should Read the Day After the Election

What about two days after the election? I think these articles that JT points to are still very important to read. One from Dr. Moore and the other from Collin Hansen. 

Visual Theology

Tim Challies has explored an interesting idea concerning infographics. Can infographics be used to teach theology? Check out Tim’s visual theology series and I think you will see that he does a wonderful job of visually teaching theology. 

Wow, it’s amazing what Google technologies can do these days:

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