Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Prayer for My Son Isaiah From the Prophet Isaiah

    “Behold, God is my salvation;
        I will trust, and will not be afraid;
    for the LORD GOD is my strength and my song,
        and he has become my salvation.”
    With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation. And you will say in that day:
    “Give thanks to the LORD,
        call upon his name,
    make known his deeds among the peoples,
        proclaim that his name is exalted.
    “Sing praises to the LORD, for he has done gloriously;
        let this be made known in all the earth.
    Shout, and sing for joy, O inhabitant of Zion,
        for great in your midst is the Holy One of Israel.”
(Isaiah 12:2-6 ESV)

Isaiah, your name means something very similar to “God is my salvation”. Literally, your name means “Salvation of God”. It is my prayer for you that someday this will be your song. Daddy is not your salvation. Mommy is not your salvation. You are not your salvation. Salvation will only be found in the Lord. I pray that your name is a constant reminder of that truth.

It is also my pray that “with joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation”. It is a deep well, son. It will never dry. There are many cisterns that you will drop your bucket into to find fulfillment. They will never satiate. Only Christ can eternally quench.

It is further my prayer for you that your life would be one that is marked by “giving thanks to the LORD” and for “making known his deeds among the peoples”. As you draw deeply from the well that is Christ, know that it is not meant to stay only with you. You dig deeply so that you can proclaim the excellencies of Christ to the nations. Jesus fills you so that you can exalt His fullness.

It is a great blessing that the “Holy One of Israel” is in your midst. May the truth behind your name cause you to shout, and sing for joy.

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  1. there is an ancient Gaelic blessing:
    “”May God give you to drink from the Well of the Trinity”

    You may know that in the Holy Land, there is an ancient well surrounded with masonry with 24 steps leading down into the cool darkness to where the pure water gushes out of a rock, clean and cold.
    This image suggests the ‘well of the Trinity’ and ‘the call within’,
    that St Ignatius of Antioch likely had in mind when he spoke of
    “a murmur of living water that whispers within me
    ‘Come, come to the Father’”

    Ignatius knew that in the Gospel of St. John, there was a verse where Jesus told about the inner well at the source of our being:

    “The water that I shall give him will become in him a spring of water welling up with eternal life”
    (St. John 4)



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