Friday, November 16, 2012

Today in Blogworld 11.16.12

Four Models of Manhood

Tim Chester wonders whether or not we can diagram what it means to be a godly man. He gives it a shot. And I think he provides a helpful diagram.

12 Social Media Tips for Church Leaders

“If I could hit the rewind button on some of the things I’ve done really badly I would. I’ve seen many church leaders use social media really well. However some pastors and leaders have well, ahem, sucked at it to be honest (myself included at times). Some haven’t understood what social media really is and how to get maximum leverage from it.”

Don’t Sanitize the Psalms

“Unlike the stoic legalist or safe churchman, the psalmist expressed the full range of emotions in worship.” Steve Cornell urges us to not sanitize the Psalms.

The 7 Most Popular Contenders for the Antichrist

People love to guess who the Antichrist is going to be. Joe Carter gives the top 7 choices. Personally, I’m leaning towards David Hasselhoff.

This guy is obviously a witch. Not only did he guess which card I’d be pointing at but he also turned me into a newt. Now to decide on what we ought to do with witches…

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