Monday, November 5, 2012

A Prayer for Election Day

Heavenly Father,

You have have commanded us to pray for those in authority over us so that we might live peaceful and quiet lives being dignified in everything we do. You have revealed to us that our prayers for our leaders are pleasing to you and our commitment to place those in authority over us into your hands is good in your eyes.

You have spoken in your Word that you desire to see people saved and your Word commands us to be the instruments of gospel proclamation and gospel living in everything we do.

Father, you tell us that you have ordained every government that exists. This reminds us that in our nation you have placed the final, earthly authority of who will lead in the hands of those who vote. On Tuesday, we are the ones 'in authority' in our land. So Lord, we rightly and Biblically pray for us, for your people to exercise their God-given authority in this election.

As your children, may your Spirit lead us not to surrender to the despair and political cynicism of our age. Give us faith to trust in the form of government you have ordained for us. Give us faith to know that you have given us, as Christian citizens, the responsibility to exercise the authority placed on us to cast our ballots according to the unbending, Biblical standards that apply to all of life.

Father, we know that no person serves perfectly according to your way, but let us not use that as an excuse to ignore your standards for our nation, for any nation, for every nation as we choose who to place in office.

Let none of us shirk the responsibility you have placed on us to vote wisely, to vote well, to vote to place those in office who seek to follow your standards for all human behavior. May we elect those who respect the dignity of human life from conception to the grave knowing that all humans are made in your image. May we elect those who respect your standards for the home, for marriage, and for the compassionate care of the widow, the orphan, the alien (immigrant), and the poor.

Lord, we are called to live for Christ Jesus and stand firm upon your Word in every aspect of our lives. May we do just that this Tuesday and every day. Help us to remember that voting is only the beginning. As men and women are placed into office, we have the responsibility to hold their feet to the fire every day. As you give us life and breath for every day, may every avenue of our lives be pleasing in your sight.


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