Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Today in Blogworld 11.13.12

The Great Tragedy of the 2012 Election

This is very powerful. I don’t want to spoil any of his point so just click on the link and consider Garrett Kell’s powerful article.

Brothers, We Are Not Sisters

Catchy title, helpful article. Doug Wilson will certainly stir up some controversy on this one. Mostly because of who is saying it more so than what is actually being said.

3 Questions to Ask of Your Sermon

Trevin Wax, one of the editors of The Gospel Project, shares three questions they ask of each lesson in the curriculum. Trevin believes we could extend that to preachers as well. I agree.

The 15 Most Fascinating Accidental Inventions

I love articles like this. Here are fifteen things that were created by accident.

Great ways to pay for seminary:

I'm joking of course.


  1. Mike: I do not think our election was a tragedy. I do think many Christians and Southern Baptists in particular have made it such an idol that to them it is a tragedy. That is the real tragedy. When we have Christ it is minor compared to our having a Savior who loves us greatly.

    As for Doug Wilson. It seems to me he writes for controversy between men and women more than what is actually written in the Bible. I predict his obvious bully tactics as well as others who some Southern Baptists listen to will go by the wayside as the truth of scripture is revealed and the controversial tactics are seen for what they are, tactics of control by some men. Christ is being seen as the center, the Bible actually being read in full by many Christians who are both men and women. The influence of those like Doug Wilson is waning.

    1. You should read the article about the tragedy of our election. It's not making the point you think it is.



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