Friday, November 2, 2012

Would Jesus Play “Gotcha”?

No.  I’m not asking whether or not Jesus would play the Dutch funk band Gotcha! on his iPod.  Although that is a solid question.  What I am referring to is the new game that seems to be sweeping our nation.  It is a game that is played as frequently by believers as unbelievers.  It can be played anywhere that opposing viewpoints can be found.  Social media sites serve as a massive playing field for intense games of “gotcha”.  Many blogs excel in the game.  Some pastors have even been known to play the game with their congregations. 

What is “gotcha” you ask? 

“Gotcha” is the art of proving your awesomeness and superiority at the expense of someone else’s folly—whether perceived or real.  And there is also the more popular variety of “Group Gotcha” wherein pawns (like you) expose the idiocy and lameness of the other teams leaders, thereby showing that your team is far superior. 

In order to win “gotcha” you do not have to actually accumulate any points of your own.  You win by shaming the other person or group into submission (even if temporary).  Points are accumulated by following a difficult equation.  The equation is as follows:

Number of Facebook shares and likes
+ Number of RT’s on Twitter
- Number of Google +1’s  (plus 1’s exposes your own lameness)
x Buckets of tears by opposition
x pointless and unproven zingers
+ angry and even more meaningless responses from opposition
- FWD’s generated (grandma points do not count)
+ seconds the opposition pauses like a deer in headlights
/ Number of people in the world
= Gotcha Points

It seems like a very complicated game but judging by my television and Facebook feeds it is a riot.  And apparently it distracts us from actually having to worry about real people or to take any responsibility ourselves.  I am trying to get many of my friends to play the game.

As I am thinking about people to invite, I have to wonder whether or not Jesus would play the game.  Seems to me like “Gotcha” might have been a game that the Pharisees played a little more than our Lord.  Looks like Jesus will just have to miss out on all the fun. 

Be sure to share this post as I’m hoping to get a bunch of “gotcha” points off of it.       

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