Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Today in Blogworld 11.14.12

Why Go to Seminary?

Mark Rogers makes a compelling case for attending seminary. I’ve been thinking a good deal about this lately and Mark’s article is something worth considering. Anybody want to write a counter-point?

Do You Love Controversy or People?

Tremendous article by Dr. Jim Hamilton. “If you love truth and you love people, be prepared to let the truth correct you where you’re wrong. You’re not Jesus. The world’s salvation does not depend on you being right about everything. If you love the truth you’ll want the truth to have its way more than you want to be thought right. If you love people you’ll want them to think what is true more than you want them to think you’ve won the argument.”

How Do I Overcome Sin in My Life?

Michael Patton responds to a readers question and his answer is helpful to us all.

Does My Temperament Make Me Sad?

David Powlison continues a series on the effects of Scripture on mental darkness. In part 3 he looks at the role of temperament on sadness.

Here is what made John Stott excited:

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