Thursday, November 1, 2012

An Idiot’s Guide to Week 9 #NFL Predictions

A 10 win week barely eluded me again last week.  I called the Packers and Jags being a close game but totally blew it on the Pats and Rams being close.  Picked the Brownies upsetting the Chargers and the Niners blowing out the Cards.  Got Titus Young right, CJ2K was somewhat shut down, Drew couldn’t hang with Peyton (missed that one), Jamaal Charles scampered for 196 yards less than 200, and Romo almost had the 4th quarter comeback.  Not bad for a football idiot.  My fantasy football team also improved to 3-5.  This week I’m going for 10 wins:

Chargers over Chiefs (want to pick the Chiefs though)
Broncos over Bengals
Browns over Ravens
Packers over Cards
Titans over Bears (upset of the week)
Colts over Dolphins
Panthers over Redskins
Lions over Jaguars (close though)
Texans over Bills (blowout)
Bucs over Raiders
Seahawks over Vikings
Steelers over Giants
Falcons over Cowboys
Saints over Eagles

Fantasy Stud of the Week: Cam Newton
Fantasy Sleeper of the Week: Jackie Battle

Other Crazy Picks:

3 TD’s for Jackie Battle after Chief turnovers
Trent Richardson goes for 200 total yards
Ray Rice is surprisingly shut down
Vincent Jackson has a big day 8/140/2 TD’s
Lions need another 4th quarter comeback to put away the Jags
Christian Ponder’s turnovers cost the Vikings
Giants are held to three field goals against Steelers
If not for Cam Newton’s 5 TD’s the fantasy stud would have been Arian Foster

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