Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Today in Blogworld 8.14.12

Two Stories from the London Olympics

I really love stories of the gospel spreading and stories where the power of the Word is displayed.  These not only instill hope but also confidence.  Here are two stories from a couple guys that engaged in missions during the 2012 Olympics.  (HT: Reformation Theology)

“Where Two or Three Are Gathered”…and Other Bad Interpretations

You’ve probably said it.  I know I have.  We’ve all evoked Matthew 18:20 to assure ourselves of the presence of Jesus.  But given the context we probably shouldn’t.  Michael Patton tells us why. 

How Should a Pastor Respond When He is Complimented About His Sermon?

I’m pretty sure I’ve botched this one a time or two.  I like Croft’s advice.  I really appreciate his first one.  “Say thank you”.  It’s been hard at times for me to actually do that one.  Sometimes it doesn’t feel right.  Check out his other three. 

Legalism or Obedience?

There is a big difference between legalism and obedience.  Yet we often confuse the two.  Read Fred Zaspel’s well-written take on this issue.  (HT: David Murray)

You’ve gotta love it when the Yankees look silly.  Watch Eric Chavez jack his own pitcher in the head with the ball:

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