Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday is For Feeding Your E-Reader 8.10.12

A few books I’m really excited about this week.

The world’s wisest king was the Bible’s, King Solomon.  Yet he was perhaps one of the biggest moral failures as well.  Philip Graham Ryken looks at the life of King Solomon to gain wisdom for today. 

only $4.99

Awhile back I had the opportunity to read and review Rick Horne’s book Get Outta My Face.  He has a new book out, Get Offa My Case!, about godly parenting of an angry teen.  This book is more to help parents remain godly even if their angry child never changes.

Check it out for only $4.99 

One of the best books written in this century is J.C. Ryle’s book on Holiness.  You’re going to be hearing a good deal about holiness and sanctification in the coming months.  A good place to get a leg up would be Ryle’s landmark book on Holiness

only .99

This is the best deal of the bunch, in my opinion.  Sinclair Ferguson’s book In Christ Alone is a great collection of articles on living the gospel-centered life.  For only .99 you can’t go wrong.

Yours for under a buck.

I read this book, Courageous Leadership, quite some time ago.  I believe this is an updated version of the book that I originally read.  I remember it being a good book on leadership.  You may not necessarily agree with everything Willow Creek but you have to admit that Bill Hybels is a good and courageous leader. 

Get it for $3.99

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